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Tempo Tempo Lyrics

Blackmail – Tempo Tempo Lyrics

Don't follow your footsteps
Don't eat what you're feeding
Tie up all the loose ends
Don't worry about lost souls
Don't struggle and shed a tear
Life's steppin' out too fast

You know you can't stop it
You're feeling the thrill, lay into your own life
And swallow your pills
A slap in the face for every chop and change

You're keeping your eyes peeled
'Cause you're feeling so strange
You're hitting the ceiling, for hours on end
Rise to the occasion, every now and then

A spot of the distance
You're trying to save
Will pull out your pants
And position your place

You didn't get a look-in
Come and get some candy goods
Everytime you're feeling down
Take a shot of your forces
You don't know when you need them
Get a grip and float away

You're kicking a fuss, to deliver the goods
Under your own steam, you try to turn loose
You smell the ocean and stop the time
You know it's not over, when you're feeling fine

Got nowhere to run to and no place to hide
Hear gales of laughter, everytime you've tried
You circulate fast like a spinning top
Forget all your fears before you get dropped
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