I'm sorry that I find your bickering so funny
But tell me just what you've accomplished
I don't think you understand how happy I am
I have done what I've always wanted
What I've always wanted
You see
You can't take that away from me

This complacency is so sweet
I'm gliding throught the motions of kissing your feet
I'm fine all by myself
So take your stance

If I reclined into anything right now
I'd melt
Just close my eyes and slip away
You see
Because you have no hold on me

So I'm sorry that I walk away and laugh
But I'm so proud that I wont let you make me feel daft

Do you hear the symphony in me
It's telling you that right now I'm free

You can crash through my room
But I wont be able to hear you
You can scream all you want
But your stress is staying inside you

Next thing you know, I'll be in the forest
When it's black at night
So warm inside, I'll be a firefly
You would say "I don't care about the world
Our lifes an adventure
We'll fight it together
Whatever happened
It wouldn't matter
Because we would drive away and laugh"
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Firefly Lyrics

Blackblack – Firefly Lyrics

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