And then I say I’ll let you go now
That you’re in too deep
And it's a chance that I can't blow now
Though the road is steep
I wanna scream, I wanna shout
I wanna break your fuckin' shell
I wanna let all my demons out
I wanna raise all fuckin' hell

And I know you're there

When I set the world on fire
When I watch the flames burn higher
When I scream your name, when I place the blame
When you die in shame of my unfulfilled desire
World on fire

Too many times I’ve seen you comin’
Crawlin’ back to me
Too many times an empty promise
That you couldn’t keep
Your filthy lies will never stop
Your cheating ways will never mend
But now this is the final drop
And finally this is the end

Your lying, cheating ways
The number of our days
The end is here, so near
It’s clear that we’re going up in flames
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World On Fire Lyrics

Black Swamp Water – World On Fire Lyrics