From the day you’re born
You learn right away
That from love you’re torn
And misery will stay
And there’s no one to help you
No one to protect you
‘Cause life is pain, life is pain

That sinking feeling
Dragging you down
Your foothold keeling
And you hit the ground
Your face in the mirror
Can’t tell it clearer
‘Cause it’s so plain that life is pain

They all say it’s fine
And that the sun will shine
And love will rule the day
And evil will go away
But then you’ll say

Every day is the same
Gut wrenching ache
Puts your hopes to shame
And your spirit will break
Your ass on the line
Nothing will ever be fine
There’s no gain, ‘cause life is pain

And then the day you die
Straight down you’ll go
No one hears your cry
But the Devil below
He’ll laugh when you scream
You won’t wake from this dream
‘Cause life was pain; death is the same
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Life Is Pain Lyrics

Black Swamp Water – Life Is Pain Lyrics