You bring down everything
Without your mind
Don't you know you don't know
Conjure up some hell
But there's no wiring
Think you know where I go
Oh yeah

You're crawling out from underneath
That stone again
You're somewhere below
That's so violent
You being harmless won't save you from pain

You got that every face
It's all you have
And you're pulling us down
On the day you die
Your soul will go
But your body will live

He broke you all before
He'll break you all again
It’s how he wanted it to be
Yours is everything
Caught in a single breath
Did you see me turning away?

Are you dying now?
What are you crying for?
You're just opening a door
Are you dying yet?
What is your medicine?
Were you opening a door?
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Harmless Lyrics

Black Swamp Water – Harmless Lyrics