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B.l.a.c.k. Lyrics

Black Rob – B.l.a.c.k. Lyrics

B. L. A. C. K. Are. O. B.

I got a, freaky, freaky, freaky lil flow
Lock the town like Fidel Castro
Went straight to jail, did not pass go
(Aiyyo Black can we ask you a question?), no
Now back to live action, dust my shoulders off on this track, I'm just practicing
And I ain't even at my maximum, imagine if I was, this is for the love
Ladies and gentlemen, kids of all ages
You're about to go on a ride with the wild and outrageous
So buckle your seatbelts, my heat's felt
All in the ghetto, the dominator, Darth Vader creator
Officializing, signed and sealed, dot delivered
Minute, if he don't get no bigger
We never left, naw, we took a break off
You all tucked in? We about to take off


Now there's a rumor being spread about me and the team
And a couple wild brothers outta 115
Y'all might not have heard it, some cat got murdered
Now everybody walking around all shady nervous
I ain't sweatin that, bout to do a show in San Antonio
(Then what?), then fly back home
I calls guy on the phone, they had a car at the airport
Somethin with a chick chaffeur, butt naked in the full length fur
It's on and popping, work it baby ain't no stopping
Bad Boy is in the building, honeys catching feeling
Now we rated number one, now, sales through the ceiling
People had faith in Rob
I'm on that and run the point like Jason [Kidd], god
It's one thing to be all hood
I guess its safe to say, (what?), so far so good


Downtown we winding down, last call for alcohol
Scoop up your girl
You've never seen this before, that's a Bentely Four
Fresh out the store, this should be against the law
Party don't stop, can't stop, won't stop
Hit the bootlegger, pint of Rock
And I'm a get smart through the hollerin
Long as she doin less talkin and more swallowin
Now Black is what they hollerin out in the east
How he won't go away like permanent crease
And this is how I murder the streets
A lotta dudes is mad when I'm just trying to get a bite to eat
I don't care if yall just two-step to do the hustle
This is New York rapping, bring me some New York muscle
See me in the club, its nothin but love
Love the way I position myself to rise above


One more time baby

[Repeat Hook]
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