Forgotten By This World
Silent And Alone, I Roam
Among The Lonely Earth
Watching Life Unwind
Before My Eyes
This Once Beautiful Place
Is A Dead Solitary Memory...

A Cold Heart In A Dead World...

A Place That Was Once Alive
Sadly Can Not Be Brought Back To Life
But Reminiscent Memories
Are All That Is Left...

They Still Forever Dwell
To Remind Us All
What This Place Was Before...

Now This Place
I Used To Call Home
Is A Black Void
Slowly Disintegrating
Before My Eyes...

But One Day I Will Die
Buried Six Feet Under
Along With This Earth
For This Place Has Made Me
Into What I am Today...

My Remains Will Be Found One Day
My Mark Will Be Left On Earth
Till Then
The Earth Will Stand Still...
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Cold Heart In A Dead World Lyrics

Black Plague – Cold Heart In A Dead World Lyrics