The seven signs are arising
From the depths of hell
The wrath of God awaiting
Yet twisted minds rebel
The heavens will all open
And death will fly free
The end of time will strike us
From life to insanity

Listen to my words
Listen to my words

The seas are now dying
The first sign is done
Beginning of our sorrows
Blackened is our sun
The second seal is broken
And final war has come
Famine now upon us
The third sign succumb

Listen to my words
Listen to my words

Opened is the fourth seal
Behold your fucking death
Beasts of earth are stalking
All life will soon suppress
Arisen is the fifth sign
For martyrs that were slain
Stars of heaven fallen
For the sixth sign of pain
The moon turns to blood
The people flee in herds
This time has been foreseen
So listen to my fucking words

Heed this warning
For the time has come
Evil surrounds us
To destroy our earth
Fear the seventh sign
The anti-Christ's birth

True death

Into the chaos!

(Guitar solo)

Listen to my
Listen to my
Listen to my words!
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Words Of Prophecy Lyrics

Black Magik – Words Of Prophecy Lyrics