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Black Kray – INTRO CEREMONY Lyrics

Ay mane, ay boys who go shining hard today yeard me
Boys go shining too hard
Mofucking, you feel me
Woke up to check my flip phone, to see what time it was
Shit's ok don't worry about the time
(Ok so, ok what time was it then?)
I'm shining, I said shine, just keep shining
(Ok I'mma shine hard then)
Fuck the time
So I'm a mofucking keep shining ya heard me
I'm a mofucking shine like jewellery in the NOLA yeard me
Boy gone pull out yellow rari in projects
Goth shorty thuggin out of Mosey Court ya feel me
My souljuh shorty same time swervin H1 Hummer and shit
My crip shorty swerve fly crip blue in the west 17 shit
You feel me
Mane, boys out here shined up you feel me
Shined up shorty you know what I'm sayin
I want all them niggas to pull up to prom in a rari and leave early
Cause I didn't make a shirt
Damn one of the first niggas to make 28's on a NASCAR 16
They gone fuck it
You know what I'm saying lil jewel shorty
I'mma keep flocking till I rest in peace
Yeard me keep my head up goth luv till the end
You heard me shined up
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