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Six Legged Man Lyrics

Black Francis – Six Legged Man Lyrics

I wanna dedicate this song now to the undisputed queen and kings of the backbeat
Teri and the Possibilities

See the sun going up, see the sun going down
See the moneymakers make the world go around
Feel the four winds blowing
Hear the cocks are crowing
But can you understand a six-legged man, darlin'?

Can we have a huddle, can we make a puddle?
Shaking down the plaster, can we just go fast?
Can we fell the big beast?
Should we tell the good priest?
A man without a plan, a six-legged man, darlin'
On a picnic blanket, get to pick your bon-bon
Race to bed for car crash, flash of red on face
Can I have a favor? Baby, be my savior
Baby, ain't love grand? A six-legged man, darlin'

Someone take the high note
Someone take the low note
Someone take the middle, ain't no second fiddle
Now we're four on the floor
Come around now once more

We could start a band
A six-legged man, darlin'
A six-legged man, darlin'
A six-legged man, darlin'
A sex-legged man, darlin'
A sex-leggy man, darlin'
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