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Katrina Lyrics

Black Fortune – Katrina Lyrics

Max you should quit producing
Yeah, Glock [?]
Give me a dub, yo nigga a scrub
All of these niggas is fraud

[Verse 1]
She wanna have my baby then leave me
But they say its cheaper to keep her
I got my dog off the leash I'm toting a golden retriever
I need a little mamma mia, lil bitty look just like Selena
My rollie got caught in a flood, my wrist hurricane Katrina
I be in the jungle I hang with hyenas
I ain't going to court im ducking the subpoena
I been sipping on Hennessy and margaritas
I'mma catch a body and go straight to Korea
And my granny tote choppers I call her Madea
Took my gun to the doctor it got gonnarhea
I keep spinning your big bitch im a ballerina
I been whipping my slime I got butterfingers
Had to trap off the beeper

Who the fuck said trap don’t work
I get a new bag when the trap phone chirp
Standing on the block till my back bone hurt
If she a opt out we gone back door her
Trying to ride my wave let me show you how to surf
I get out the dirt imma profit off the earth
If I rock a bye baby the my choppa gonna burp
My gun a new boy he gonna show you how to jerk

Verse 2
Selling fully automatics I pray that the police don’t raid me
My mamma gone work for her kids
My shooters gone work for a KD
I must look green as a green bean this nigga think he gone play me
Smuggle the work in the carseat I am not rocking no baby
Huh my first name start with a m imma M&m
I ran in two house a day at the minimum
Tried to swallow my pride it was harder than cinnamon
I was broke as shit I had to sleep in a mini van
And my dad in the street that taught me how to be a man
Get hit from the back she look good imma leave it in
And when blocka died they put my nigga on cnn
And my og a blood you can’t even say c to him
Bitch im off the henny with a semi and a vert
I ain't gotta lift a finger I can get a nigga merked
Chopper longer than a chimney I can put him in the dirt
With his legs in the woods and face on a shirt
Mamamama money gonna make me crazy
But I still walk around with a pocket full of racist
But the plug know me on a first name bases
Nigga I don’t do coke I let the white girl taste it
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