Bad Newz Souljah, General, purpose
Being a wordsmith
To show you I’m the worst at
Letting these words spit
Rapid fire
For rappers I am
Rap’s Messiah
Won’t stop rockin til I retire
Or tire
Of showing you dudes the business
This is the difference
From a distance
I’m light years ahead of you, you knew if you listened
List this
As one of the great appearances
In the flesh and bone spirit
Space homie give it
You are not worthy to stand near this greatness
I made this
For corner stores
Mothers that’s on their porch
Braiding their daughters hair
The block, the war everywhere
Battles breakout like faces during puberty
Brothers catch cases, play they cards and get immunity
New state, new location, they cook
New cake, new money, old crime, they stay crook
I’m the soundscape to every downtown patriot
Poised for greatness
Destined to make it
Lessons are laced in
Every line I’m spittin
There’s truth in every rhyme I’m givin
In the booth the mind shines wit
Precise precision
My life I live it
I’m the sacrificial veal
In the field
Of dreams
No longer trying to hear the screams
I’m bigger than
Battle raps and belittling
The fairer s**
You gotta right to have some type of fear of him
Here it is
I’m live and direct
You punks ain’t paid your dues, I’m here to collect
What the fuck yall got on my pockets huh?
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Still Rockin Lyrics

Black Ceezar – Still Rockin Lyrics