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Do U Wanna Ride Lyrics

Blac Haze – Do U Wanna Ride Lyrics

You know what I'm sayin baby, you know what I'm sayin
Blac Haze representin, you know what I'm sayin
You wanna ride, we can ride cuz I'm the realest
I'm the realest baby
You wanna ride, check me out

Aint to many mother fuckas bad as us
You mad at us you wonder why we had to bust
You got love for my shit that's fabulous
All these hoes be grabbin us
What's your name? Where you from?
Do you plan on givin me some?
If you wont I wont fight
You never know maybe your girlfriend might
Freak me down before I leave
Pass the blunt, hit the weed
You can bounce if you too fly
Gotta watch out can't get to high
Fuck these hoes, gotta get G's
Benjamins, gotta get keys
Sexually, gotta get pleased
S** aint free, gotta pay fees
Niggaz can chill, aint no stress
The weed still all up I'm my chest
Niggaz wanna bust with a bulletproof vest
Bust em all who to shoot next
You wont freak please don't front
Lick you up like a Philly blunt
Up an down take it slow
S** or not still want mo

Tell me do you wanna ride (Blac Haze)
Baby come an ride with me, ride with me

What's up with that, I take you out
Really wanna roll what you all about
In the club sippin on henn
Wanna ride out in a drop top Benz'
Blac Haze you know my style
I am known for actin wild
Smokin out in the Lex'
I'm all about G's, you all about s**
D-K-N-Y can you fit that?
Don't wanna play it why? Let me hit that
Fantasize I can see it in your eyes your tellin lies
Wanna ride pick you up 12 O'clock
Make it hot, rock the G spot
Money don't sweet that
I'm gonna make you moan you can bet that
Hit it from the back where you at
Watch me lay my game down flat
Scream my name, you are mine
Tounge up and down your spine
Can a real nigga work it, huh?
Smoked out in a 500, don't want
Baby girl better treat the game
Fuck niggaz they creap the game I freak the game


*Talkin* Do you wanna ride with me?
Do what you want to me. (background, "we can ride")

Blac haze

I just want to ride with you
I wanna come and side with you
Tell me what you decide to do
What do you know about a nigga that's mercilous
Didn't know only fly hoes work with us?
I'm in love with your brown eyes
Don't believe in love, messin with the wrong guys
I just want to hang with you
Ride out with Blac Haze is the thing to do
Please, let me rub you down
Guaranteed to be the best love in town
You wanna ride we can be down to ride
Boys be down to Haze for down ya see I
Never miss representin
The love I spread is heaven sent
I lace you up with the finest things
I'm behind the name, I design the game
Like Biggie Smalls I'm fuckin you tonight
Blac Haze wanta do you right
Dom P's, Alize
Shorty wont you swing it my way uh
Real niggaz wanna freak the side
You wanna creap the ride
I wanna go deep inside
Can you feel that?
Well nigga wanna ride? Well let me kill that!


You know what I'm sayin
Nigga wanna ride, it's all good you know(fading off
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