Mr shakur
Your essence reamains pure
And by the freedom of god we got a soldier
And jesus you been good 2 me
When lord stops, my life goes on and for sure mr shakur
N bless with your presence your essence remains pure

I never made it in school! In 92 lookin' 4 a job as a parttime father
And if you knew only what chronic brew yo music was gettin' me 2
It's 1999 now what you gonna do
And let me sip' em when I pull out a little liqour leavin tha past with yo name
And make it hard to be this true
And leave the rest without disgrace up to our Lord in heaven
Lookin'at my memoirs right next to yo picture remember life goes on
That's what you told me homey, up till you died you hooked it up in the
Knick of time you homey, shit
I may be on it when I talk to you, I know you miss him and we all
Do too. We all miss him.
And mummy said hey please feed the babys johnny jay still crazy as
Hell takin'a class in colledge hope I don't fail
I wish I had the mail 4 tha million dollar bail
Gotta be too much like riters the situation it sounded kinda fishy 2 me
Bring the demons to the light and you dun set me free
I'll shed a tear drop

By the freedom of God we have a soldier! Jesus you have been so good
2 me!

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Life Goes On (Tribute To Tupac) Lyrics

Bizzy Bone – Life Goes On (Tribute To Tupac) Lyrics