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Believe Dat Lyrics

Birdman – Believe Dat Lyrics

Stunna it's your turf baby haha
And me the heart thrive
Yeah I be with dem different hoes
You know dem different hoes
I mean dem
Believe dat
Uh huh
Believe dat
Tell em girl
Believe dat

Got a bitch in the back
Got a hoe in the front
Got work in the back
Got more in the front
It be the birdman baby
Birdman everything kosher
Birdman baby feathers all over
Tony montano white leather soft sofas
Got to many cars so now I buy choufers
All about my penion like a motherloven loafer
I was in the crack game before baking soda
Btch I'm a o-g btch I'm o-g I'm gettin high off my money
Til I o.d see you don't know me the btches know me my old hoes tell me go back to gold tee
King size bed nikka gold sheets gold bottle for breakfast nikka let's eat
I got five and they all sexy, they all drive new cars and they love me

Yeah cause I be with dem different hoes
I mean dem different hoes

Believe dat
Uh huh
Believe dat
Tell em girl
Believe dat
Put your name
Believe dat
Where you from
Believe dat
I know what your saying
Believe dat
It's like I'm just playing but
Believe dat

Look fresh with the heavy metal
You know I need that
Gucci stay fly on the stage believe dat
We one of a kind we do it til you see me black
Ice with the chrome and the silver how you love dat
Too fresh to cool too shiny too foo' too sunny spend money
That just what we do believe I'm shine believe I'm a grind
Believe me your girl at my house all the time believe
I'm a bout to hustla believe I've got the mustla believe I'm a stunna man you know I know the struggle
Come from the pot pan come from another land
Come with a better game baby I'm the bird man

Yeah cause I be with different hoes
Ya know dem different hoes
I mean weezy believe dat
You jus gone cut me off
Believe dat

What believe dat
I know what
Your saying
Believe dat
I feel you
Believe dat
Ay why you crying
Believe dat
Yo you ain't lying
Believe dat

I'm on the yacht and boats
Pills and hydro
Bras and money homey
That's what a nikka know
She know I shine cause
You know I grind cause
She know I'm high with the metal all the time cause
And she believe me and she all in me
We poppin bottles to a few of her ocean b
I'm all nc. I'm all good daddy I'm the birdman
You know I'm in the new caddy
Believe me she get money just like me
I stay strapped with the flame in my new fleet
100 millon dolla suede seats with the leather seats
With the gator on the front with the platinum teets

Ya Btch
I be with dem different hoes
I mean dem different hoes
I mean weezy
Believe dat
They just gonna cut me off
Believe dat
I understand
Believe dat
Believe dat
My girl say and I say believe dat

Believe dat one hundred
Let me take a shot
I want my shawdy
I like dem tall thin and shot
Girl what
Believe dat
Believe dat
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