It was an awful autumn night
I took my car for a ride
The speakers were pounding death and grind
I accelerate and left the cops behind
They couldn't stop me
I was going crazy fast
(Ha ha ha ha ha, police police potato pig)
Tried to drive faster than the blastbeats on the stereo
(Ha ha ha ha ha, faster than a maniac)
Suddenly a deer was running towards me
No time to react the hit was a fact
I stopped and got out of the car
To see if the deer was alive
The deer was not dead
It kicked me in the dead
(Ha ha ha ha ha, I fell unconscious to the ground)
When I woke up
The deer and the car was gone
(Ha ha ha ha ha, I am the biggest loser in the world)
I took a cab... to the town
When I arrived I saw dead people on the ground
Finally I found my car, with four dead people under it
Of course the deer was gone the police came and surrounded me
"is this your car, sir?" "yes it's my car, ass!"
"then you're coming with us, you're going to jail!"
10 years has gone
Since I went to jail
I've been gangraped every night
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Dear Driver Lyrics

Birdflesh – Dear Driver Lyrics