Sometimes I wonder... Think I just can't stand no more
Can't seem to find myself, or what it is I'm lookin' for
People call out my name
Lately things they don't seem the same
That's when I know... I gotta make the rounds again
Find yourself in the danger-zone
Reachin' out through the under-tones
Chase the spirit you can't control
The inner notions 're takin' hold

Listen to the heartbeat

I remember those cold cold nights... We'd stay up all night long
I can remember you holdin' out... And I'd be holdin' on
You can put out my fire
You can stir up my one desire
You can make me wonder how we could ever shy away
You bet your life on that rendezvous
Close your eyes and it all comes true
Cast your fortune into the wind
Those inner notions'll pull you in

Listen to the heartbeat
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Listen To The Heartbeat Lyrics

Billy Squier – Listen To The Heartbeat Lyrics

Songwriters: BILLY SQUIER
Listen To The Heartbeat lyrics © Spirit Music Group

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