Kissing tree, kissing tree
Tell me, tell me do
If I kiss by the kissing tree
Will my love be true

Two went up to the kissing tree
She had a faithful heart
Her kissed her and he held her close
Said we'll never part

But from the hill
Such a cold wind blew
The tree began to sway
Then she knew that his love was false
She knew he'd kiss and run away
(Kiss and run away)

[Repeat chorus]

Two went to the kissing tree
Both were deep in love
They smiled and kissed so tenderly
The moon smiled from above

Then high on top of the kissing tree
A bud burst into bloom
Then they knew that their love would last
As long as there was sun and moon
(As there was sun and moon)

[Repeat chorus]

When I go up to the kissing tree
To kiss the one I love
Oh, let the cold wind hold it's breath
From every branch above

Let every bud on the kissing tree
Become a blossom true
Then I will know that you love me
As much as I love only you
(As much as I love you)

[Repeat chorus]

(Kissing tree, kissing tree)
(Kissing tree)
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The Kissing Tree Lyrics

Billy Grammer – The Kissing Tree Lyrics