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IV. The Graveyard Lyrics

Billy Cobb – IV. The Graveyard Lyrics

Gathered around the tombstone
Leaves falling, skin crawling
Feels dirty and moist

No, we shouldn't be here
Felt dark calling, eyes were bawling
Strangers are familiar

Tommy's telling stories
Ghost stories of old
Puts a hand on his flashlight
And this is the story he told

Whether there's something following me
And I know it can't be seen
It's not the kind of demon you'll see on a silver screen
Is it evil?
So [Rich?] and so old
Now let me introduce you to the hate that haunts my soul

Now you see those evil things that like to lurk about
And with your human cunning, well, you better get them out
It's not evil
So [Rich?] and so old
Let me reintroduce you to the hate that haunts my soul

Now, I can't believe my ears
That break my heart in my two
I miss you

Tommy puts down his flashlight
Crew all laughing, why so happy?
Nothing about this feels right

Dark fog rolls over
Strong musky odor, air's getting colder
Never seen a [Soul?] in my life

[?] distance, you'll hear uncanny sounds
We see a dark figure six feet in the ground
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