I just can't work no longer
I've got to see my woman right now
And we ain't getting any younger
I've got to get to her love somehow

When clouds come, it's raining
The sun comes and shines
Lord, I ain't complaining
I've done wrong and
I'm serving my time

Now if there's any good in me
I'll bring it out so that you might see
That I'm just another lonely man
Who wants to stop my sin
Let all over begin

Let me tell now that

[Repeat chorus]

This woman on the other side
She's my joy and all of my pride
Though I hurt her so constantly
My woman love can have faith in me

But how long can a good thing last
And I vow never to hurt in the past
Will she be there, waiting for me
My time is up and I'm finally free

You know now that

[Repeat chorus]
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I Can't Work No Longer Lyrics

Billy Butler & The Chanters – I Can't Work No Longer Lyrics

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