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Happiness Lyrics

Billie & Lillie – Happiness Lyrics

Some people think that happiness
Is money in the bank
Lots of cash (cash)
That's trash (trash)

Cause money means so much
Less than happiness, yeah, yes

The both of us agree
That it's absolutely free
Gotta start (start)
From the heart (heart)

Our lover's sweet caress
Is happiness, yeah, yes

Ole-o, ole-o
That's why we dance all day-o
Marimba, marimba
Now let the band begin-a
The mambo, the cha-cha
Meringe, cucharacha

Don't hesitate or beat around
The bush with a love so great (great)
Make a date (date)

Let's open up the treasure chest
Our happiness, yeah, yes

The mambo, the cha-cha
Meringe, cucharacha

You promise steady loving and
You're true to me in every way (yay)
You'll stay (ole)

Little darling, you can be my guest
In our happiness, yeah, yes
I said happiness, yeah, yes
Let's spread happiness, yeah, yes
Oh, yes, happiness, yeah, yes
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