(Bobby Braddock)
On the poor side of Fort Worth
In a rundown motel
A rodeo cowboy
Held a young Texas belle.
He scooped up some peanuts
Right out of the can
And he whispered as he placed them
In the palm of her hand.
Baby I wish they were diamonds
And this was north Dallas
And I wish, oh I wish you were mine
Oh, I wish Lord, I wish you were mine.
--- Instrumental ---
On the north side of Dallas
In a forty roomed house
She remembers her cowboy
As she takes off her blouse.
She fingers the diamonds
That cling to her breast
Her teardrops fall freely
As she looks to the west.
And she says I wish they were peanuts
And I wish this was Cowtown
And I wish, oh I wish he was mine
Oh, she cries Lord, I wish he was mine.
Peanuts and diamonds sawdust and satin
Lone Star and sparklin' red wine
Cowboys and rich girls
Just don't live in the same world.
And they both cry
God, I wish you were mine
Oh, I wish
Lord, I wish you were mine...
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Peanuts And Diamonds Lyrics

Bill Anderson – Peanuts And Diamonds Lyrics