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Really Lyrics

Bigg Mann – Really Lyrics

I really do my own thang,
No one can tell me nothin’,
So far off in my zone,
I’m out the moon when I’m on,
Sing along if you on, you gone
One Bottle, 2 shots,
3 models, 4 pac,
Yeah boy, the west Bach.

Verse 1:
The microscope I’m under,
Work well under pressure,
Any basic throw it back, above average,
Prefer the underdog,
Now who the law in my realm,
Don’t even worry ‘Bout me,
Ya’ need to worry ‘bout ya’ self,
Imma save my own ass,
Man down, left behind,
Thrown to the wolves,
Out the fire, like the Phoenix, I’m alive,
Consider me ya’ helmet,
Cuz’ that’s how I be on ya’,
No space to breathe,
Missile rockets on blast off,
Confidence a bitch,
I got the presidential spit,
Up to par always,
This for the long hallways,
Everyday, everyday, like I own a mandalay,
And it be sittin’ in the corner,
Nigga I don’t really play,
Type to land on Mars,
Blow a bat wit’ aliens,
Maybe Mork and Mindy,
A blue or green Skittle dream,
Tattoos of a nanoo, and a nanoo, and a nanoo,
I’m Bigg Mann,
I’m everywhere you tryin’ to go,
Hook (Reapeat 2x’s)

Verse 2:
You seein’ wit’ yo’ eyes,
But realize what it is though,
Process the whole 9,
Action, OK go,
Move the land,
X-clan, Bigg Mann,
Show me where the money at,
And Imma go and get that,
Intrigued upon the masses,
Yeah, that’s why you mad bitch,
I am on my shit,
Everybody gets a dose of me,
The bad guy, no lie, no suit, no tie,
Keep on talkin’ head,
And my tequila give you black eye,
(A!!), You comin’ for me,
I wish you would,
Try and be me,
I see I thought you could,
But you ain’t been able to get it down pat,
You could own the theater, My act,
Mainy illa, all I need is my wrap,
And it’s a wrap,
Plastic or foil, Smothered or broiled,
Don’t understand, Don’t wanna know how it is to be sane, DAMN!

Hook (Repeat 2x’s)

(A!!) I don’t think they wanna test a G, NO!
Hit me on the phone,
Dumb it down,
That’s what it be, though,
Illaz ain’t playin’,
We was raised by the G code,
Illaz ain’t playin,
We was raised by the G code!

Hook (Repeat until fade out)
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