[Fizzy Womack:]
From rags to riches to cash to bitches, the fun
They said we can't and it couldn't be done
If we don't get it with this rap shit, son
Then I'm a get it with my motherfuckin gun

[Verse 1:]
I put you on that shit, my nigga, Ty Nitty shit
That ice grill you wearin don't scare me, you little bitch
It's only gon' get me real amped up instead
And have me outside creepin, one up in the head
Yo rockabye baby, your time is up
Get on your knees and pray cause you gon' need God's help
Cause stuntin on Noyd, kid, that's prohibited
You think I can't get you hit, that's ridiculous
I know niggas that pull more strings than Aerosmith
That'll have you in your casket, bastard, real quick
Yo, this is real shit, I talks what I mean
And I rolls with a team who keep them things on they hip
Shit, enough talkin, y'all niggas wanna see me
You can find me in qb or anywhere up in New York, man
I'm represented by niggas that's known to kill
[? ] without that motherfuckin steel

[Hook: x2]
Niggas be stuntin, frontin for nothin
But we ain't thumpin, we shoot shit up
Pack them pipes out, turn they lights out
Cause we ain't thumpin, we shoot shit up

[Verse 2:]
I make niggas wrinkle up they face cause the size of my diamonds
But they straighten that shit out when I pull out the iron
When I pull up to the club know the dubs be shinin
Punks jump up to thump and the guns start firin
We don't let em stop thumpin till we hear the sirens
Or we hit em with a hollow and they bodies droppin
Niggas know how I be, so gangsta and hoodie
I can't wait to see Ciara to get her for her Goodies
Yo homie know the Infamous click is rich, right?
We still run up on niggas in broad daylight
And the shit that we spit, it be so tight
Even though you won't admit it, it's the flow you like
You could hate it or love it, just don't bite
Cause you know we be holdin, we do not fight
You see man, niggas be schemin
Until you got that heat in your hand and you squeezin
Shootin shit up

[Hook x2]

We in buildin now nigga
41st Side
0-8 shit
Rapper Noyd
Come on
Let's get 'em
Fame on the track
That hood shit, we bringin it back
Where my gangstas at
Come on
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Rags To Riches Lyrics

Big Noyd – Rags To Riches Lyrics

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