[Door opens]
[B. Lokote]was sup mija?
[Girl]what the fuk dats all you do all day
Always writing and you neva do shit arund here
[B. Lokote]I did
[Girl]I kant stand yuh fuckn asshole
[B. Lokote]what y you always gottah act stupid?
[Girl]Cuz I can't stand you
Jus shut the fuck n get out my face
[B. Lokote]see this what I'm talkn bout you
Have no fuckn respeck that's y we can't be together
[Girl]what? Fuck yu den
[B. Lokote]Its over my shit is already packed.
Have a good fuckn life.
Good bye!
[Girl]baby wait

[B. Lokote]
Adios mi cielo today I say good bye
Good bye forever for the rest of our lifes
Jus turn around n walk away
Mija don't look back
And cherish the moments that we use to have
I can't no longer kiss the tears falling from yur face.
And tell you it's okay wit a sweet embrace
I would hold chu all nite kissin your forehead when you sleep
After you had a bad dream no longer will it be
Me by your side tu en mis pensamientos
Se que estas arepentida
Pero mujer yo lo siento.
I'm sorry I loved you, already had your chance
You took my love for granted
N lost the best man
You ever had I would have gave my life for yu
Jus to make you smile when you are sad n feelin blu
You did this to yur self
If you wudda let go of your pride
But now I'm gone and I leave you wit this letra
Of goodbye

[Chorus: Girl]
I'm sorry that hurt you
I know I made you cry
We could have worked it out
But you told me good bye
I cannot live w/o yu
I won't make it alone
But you jus had to leave me
And now it's my turn goodbye

[B. Lokote]
Me recuerdo back to the day I met you
You told me you were different
I thought you were special.
But den you started actin cold
Da kinda of hyna
That I hate
So we started to unfold
Arguments n drama
Every nite n day
I didn't have the strength to say
Fuck you! N walk away
So I would sit up n the dark
With all my rage n all my pain
With confusion n frustation
Pumpin through my veins
Who the fuck you think you are
But don't trip
You made me stronger
Kuz now no longer
About the love that we honored
So now all of sudden tu quieres mi amor
Pero vivo kon coraje de tu pinche tracion
Estava solo en este mundo recojiendo
Los pedasos en el suelo
De mi corazon que estavan abandonado
Then one day I've seen the light
Yu don't deserve a man like me
So I wish you love n thank you for
Settin this man free

[Chorus: Girl]
I'm sorry that hurt you
I know I made you cry
We could have worked it out
But you told me good bye
I cannot live w/o yu
I won't make it alone
But you jus had to leave me
And now it's my turn goodbye

[B. Lokote]
Nuestras horas in the night
Ya no exsisten
Cuando tu te fuistes
En mi corazon muristes
This hurt I have inside
Ya no ay resurrection
Aqui te dejo sola con mi copa de dolor
Toast 2 a brand new start
You made me see the future
Now you'll neva be a part
Of this man's life
I don't care if your my wife
I gave you a lot of chances
Now I don't won't you by my side
What now you realize the good thing
That you lost I loved you
But chale I got to move on.
Let go of my arm.
No longer you exist.
Don't you try to hug me
Your not gunna get a kiss
I told you from the start
When I'm gone I'm gone for good
Don't you fucken lie
Change you never could
It hurts for me to leave
Like my hearts gunna bleed
But we both gotta be strong
Cuz this isn't meant to be

[Girl]your not going no where
[B. Lokote]ya te dije don't touch me
It's over
[Girl]come back baby I love you
[Girl]fucken asshole
Your gunna regret it
[B. Lokote]yeah wutever you say
[Door shuts]
[Engine starts]
[Fone rings]
[B. Lokote]yeah?
[B. Lokote]what you wunt
[Girl]please let mi talk
[B. Lokote]fine?
[Girl]I love you so much,
I'm sorry lets start over.
I promise,
[B. Lokote]goodbye!
[Girl]wait! I jus wanted you to no
Before I go
[B. Lokote]go? Where you goin?
[Girl]away goodbye
[B. Lokote]don't do nuthin stupid
[Girl]I needed you I can't live w/o you
[B. Lokote]We jus need a little time to think
Things over.
[Girl]I'll always love you baby
[B. Lokote]ey mija?
[Girl]Sorry I let you down
[B. Lokote]wtf? Fuck no!
[Car accelarates]
[Tires screech]
[B. Lokote]mija.?
Mija donde estas?
[B. Lokote]ahh fuck!
Talk to me mija?
[Girl]I love you. Hold me. Don't let mi die please
[B. Lokote]I wont. I promise
[Girl]I wuld of changed?
[Man]wuts goin on?
[B. Lokote]kall the fucken peramedics.
[Man]what happened here?
[B. Lokote]go call before I fucken shoot you muthfucker!
[Fading away][ambulance sirens]
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Adios Lyrics

Big Lokote – Adios Lyrics