[Verse 1: Big krit]
Yeah, this for the sole believers
Eager to be achievers
And all those old folk on the pole they used over see us
It takes a village to stop a pillage of serpent seekers
Under detection from weapons I pray that God can keep us
We run away from things that used to reach us
Rather a Bible than a rifle what can ballin’ teach us?
Cross over, the pennys in loafer now we have to spend
Sittin’ on sofas, barely sober waitin’ on the end
Be a rapper or a Christian Krit
Cause in this game there's no room for that religion shit
Acrobatic flip my temper cause I remeber
It's either heaven or Hell and that shit simple
Fall asleep in pues the choir oohs with soothes
Battle hearts of so many life could often abuse
Who are you to mock my healing?
What's a message without feeling?
I don't care if you paid for mine
I just hopin’ that you listen I might
If we don't talk about yor top five
Then lets pretend all this shit right
Turn a long road to a short drive
Over flow with ambition so why we wasting time?
Your in a glow aint for dimming I swear you wasting shine
My time aint for spilling so don't be wasting mine
Don't be wastin’ mine

[Verse 2: Big krit]
I can't stand
Like I left you at the podieum
Niggas screaming out family, but I aint knowin’ em
Mad cause the false love they give me I aint showin’ em
I paid my dues, now I aint owe’n em
What's a rock to a mountain so why you throwin’ em?
Holdin’ em
Grudge nigga when I was on three hundred I gave a fuck about what you was
Nigga can't you see I'm stuck in my ways I never budge nigga
Where you at? Be content with self
Jealousy, inevitably aint good for your health
Although I feel some type of way I hope you require wealth
And never know what it's like to have your own blood wish your death
I forgive the situation miscommunication
Could’ve been solved just as simple as a nigga wait
As a nigga wait

[Verse 3: Big Krit]
But we can't stand
In the same mind frame that got us here
Show your cards or you fraud David Copperfield
Drop a song with no heart that shit aint half a wheel
I told my niggas I might quit
They like Krit, you not for real
Then I repeated what I said even more sincere
Face... Look what we stopped, I can not go from here
Lord, I can not flow from here
I dropped over two hundred songs what can I show from here?
And I’ll stop with all the frustration
I respect their opinion but I still think they hatin’
Waitin’ on a day that Krit was here and some shit I'm chasin’
Down playing my album that shit far from basic
Murder rappers bury them on more than one occasion
And a hold candle light visual for the beats that I'm making
Write about my life and what's right to hands achin’
Only for a nigga look at me like Krit who the fuck you say?
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King Part 3 Lyrics

Big K.R.I.T. – King Part 3 Lyrics