Know that she wants me
I know that she needs me
I know 'cause I feel that way myself
Whereever I go, whereever I go

She says what I'm thinking
I think what she's saying
She's sending me her love through the air
Wherever I go, whereever I go

Match - made in heaven
Match - made of love
Match - made in heaven one night

It's not like you're easy
It's not like you're satisfied
It's deep in your nature the things you expect
Wherever you go, whereever you go

I don't think you're cheating
I don't think you ever did
You're with me always you're alway here
Whereever I go, whereever I go

We're a match...

We were two lonely people, changing to one
We're a match made in heaven - we're one

And in your sleep last night
You held me really tight
You said my name again and again

Match made in heavnen...

We were two lonely people changing to one
Let those two happy people run

'Cause we're a match...
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Match Made In Heaven Lyrics

Big Fat Snake – Match Made In Heaven Lyrics