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Lucky Charm Lyrics

Big Baby Scumbag – Lucky Charm Lyrics

Some people in the Crichton area of Mobile say a leprechaun...To me, it look like a leprechaun to me. All you gotta do is look up in the tree. Who else seen the the leprechaun, say yeah! Yeah!... I just came to help out... Others just came to get lucky in case a pot of gold may be buried under this tree... I'ma run a backhoe and uproot this tree, I wanna know where the gold. I want the gold. Give me the gold, I want the gold

Bitch I'm throwin' bows like I'm Ludacris
Hammer in my pants, I don't dance, bitch I'm too legit
Call me Captain Kirk motherfucker, like I flew the ship
Waves in my head, no Titanic, like I cruise and shit
I been gettin' money lately nigga, i ain't new to this
Made my first million, ain't no tellin' what I'd do with it
Ran off with his bitch 'cause he ain't know what to do with it
Like a leprechaun, lucky charm, bitch I'm true to this (a leprechaun)
Burberry watch and it came straight out of London
Everything big, Mannie Fresh, bitch I'm stuntin'
Motherfuck the rap game, you know how I'm comin'
And if life was a bitch I'ma fuck her 'til she comin'
Broke bitch pay attention, gave that ho a Ritalin
Polo to the drawers, nigga I don't rock no Vetements
Dead faces in my pocket, I stay with them benjamins
Got a chocolate bitch but she kinda taste like cinnamon
Light skin bitch look just like Aunt Vivian
Dark skin bitch look just like Aunt Vivian
Had to dump my old bitch, now I fuck with her friend
Swear to God I never do it but I did it again
Like I'm Britney Spears, I cry diamond tears
Swimmin' in that bitch, think I need some scuba gear
Marble on my floor, diamonds in my chandelier
Give me head 'til I'm dead, told that bitch face her fears
Toastin' to my peers, Scumbag take a cheers
I'ma bag a bitch like I'm baggin' souveneirs
Sippin' Everclear, gold on my verneers
Bitch I made it rain in another atmosphere
Do I make it clear? I ain't the you here
Bitch I'm like Houdini, I might go and disappear
Do I make it clear? I ain't the you here
Bitch I'm like Houdini, I might go and disappear
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