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Fall Out Boy Lyrics

Big Baby Scumbag – Fall Out Boy Lyrics

Ah shit, you know already what time it is
I'm a need all the bad bitches to report back to the dance floor
We got another one bitch, I'm feeling like a rockstar baby
You know what I'm saying? I'm feeling like Fall Out Boy
I'm feeling like Fred Durst, young nigga shit
You know what I'm saying? I'm a rockstar baby
Come fuck with me I'm swagged out, WOP

[Verse 1]
Hoes on my dick like ticks on a dog
I'm a pitbull bitch, I done came off the leach
10 piece wing with the mumbo sauce
93 on my feet bitch I feel like Gleesh
Glove on my hand got blood on my shirt
Nightmare on Elm Street, bitch I came out the sleep
Slob on my knob no ding dong ditch
Hit it with the mask on no trick or treat
Back from the dead bitch came out the dead
Put the pussy in a tombstone, six feet deep
Got a bad bitch and she like (?)
Told her to drink on my dick like blood on the sheet
I ain't with the bullshit nigga
Don't wanna don't want be lame ass nigga, might get his ass beat
Black skin head $500 on my feet
Black Tims on the couch, got blood on the leaf
Hoped out the Porsche and I'm hot like a torch
If you can't take take the heat, nigga get out the street
Niggas that funny, when you getting money
I stayed to my soul bitch I'm riding for me
When you done bad niggas don't want to speak
But the minute you up niggas talk through they teeth
Flexing that shit that you got at the flea market
Bitch who you fooling I know that shit cheap

[Verse 2]
Ran up a check with my dog Mike Vick
I be scrambling shit I'm a pass out screen
Fucking that bitch I'm a buy her a Yorkie
I nutted her face I'm a buy her a weave
One man band yeah I'm hot like a fan
I don't need to cool down but I stay with the heat
Home girl (?) got fucked up teeth
But the bitch wanna fuck cuz a nigga look sweet

[Chorus] x2
I don't scream broke nigga shit
You ain't talking about cash nigga get the fuck around from me
Hoes on my dick like ticks on a dog
I'm a pitbull bitch, I done came off the leach
Got me a bad bitch feeling like Patrick
Never been average fuck on the free
Rockstar lifestyle nigga I'm fleek
Fall Out Boy bitch Wentz (?) Pete
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