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Overly Alive Lyrics

BEXEY – Overly Alive Lyrics

Black shades on my face
Look at me then you looking back at yourself
If I escape to the shade
You gonna see a part of me but not my world
My eyes are windows
My minds A temple
What you gonna do to prove you can enter?
Let me check ya

I realised when some hoe fucks you over
Just pause the moment [Click]
Examine the energy real quick
If you sense 20% of that in A bitch
Exit.. Retreat
Shake a leg, pulp fiction dance scene
Hit the road like rocky balboas feet
When I'm runnin up the steps always skip 3

I don't know don't know why
I close my eyes, feel overly alive
I closed the door behind
And blew up A building of A million memories
Under my arm I got A goddess
One time I lost her, yea we was just shopping..
Everybody lookin like they gonna call the cops quick
Zoned out.. I was talking to A mannequin I got confused
She so flawless

Let me show you
[Let me show you]
Welcome to my dream world
Ill show you around my dream world
Let me hold you
[Let me hold you]
I could make you wanna leave earth
Same day that you return

Give it away give it away give it away now
Red hot memories from way back in the day now
Remember stealing yu-Gi-Oh cards up in the playground
Now the paypal wake up when I lay down
I was detatched like travis in taxi driver
Without the holster on my arm
Trapped in denial
So suicidal, I viewed the train tracks as A new mattress

Back on the ropes
Maneuver like roy jones
From the window to the wall
Through every inch of the universe
Feet on the turnbuckle
Hands up, stone cold stunner
Impossible to be average
I'm like mullen up in that garage
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