Vs 1
She looks great today
But inside she feels
Just a little unsteady
She just found out that
Someone she loves is gone
And she smiles as she rushes past the people on her way
To find a place of peace
Where she can break down, break down,
Break down and cry

She’s crying now
In the safety of solitude, and she
She lets it all out
She’s crying now
And she feels better
So much better

Vs 2
She laughs with her friends
Says she had to tell
That crazy boy to go
She can’t let them know
He loves another and she doesn’t know if she can ever love again
At night when she’s alone with her thoughts
And there’s no one there to see her
That’s when, that’s when
She can break down and cry

You know we all cry at some time in our lives
There is a heart tearing pain
There is a soul poisoning sorrow
But let it go, let it go, you’re not alone
Let it go….

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So Much Better Lyrics

Beverly Jayne – So Much Better Lyrics