Long time gone away from me
I knew that you'd return
I've gone through this many times
By now, you'd think I'd learn

That you'll be coming back again
Come home and turn the key
Then we will dance and we will sing
If only you would come with me

Oh, baby

I'll make you music
I'll give you sunshine
Why don't you come along
We'll be together, happy forever
Singing our own sweet song
Oh, I'll make you music
Lots of fine music
Just like we always do
And I know you love me
You really love me and
Baby, I love you too

When I'm with you
I can feel a burning heat inside
You can go away from me
But you can never hide

Love is strong and you'll return
No telling where or when
So stay while and watch me smile
It's so good to have you home again

Oh, baby

[Repeat chorus 3x to fade]
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I'll Make You Music Lyrics

Beverly Bremers – I'll Make You Music Lyrics