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Hansel And Regretel Lyrics

Beverley Kills – Hansel And Regretel Lyrics

I wasn't sure that we were fine
Or that your promises weren't lines
Dropping little boy crumbs on the way
So that you could find your way back safely

You started this whole thing
Lit the tape,
Stood we'll back and
Watched the stars exploding

Told me all the things that you'd dreamed
That with me you could dare to do
But then you chose to play it safe
And stick with all you ever knew
Couldn't say what you had to say to my face
Do you think life lets you off the hook
If you just blame it all on fate
And no of course we can't be friends
I doubt we'll ever speak again

You should never talk of love
You don't know a thing
Pulled my heart along by a frayed piece of string
Not like the kite that I wanted to be and
If I was you'd have only let go of me
Call it a lucky escape
Call it what you will
I don't need to care now
Good luck to the next girl

I drive so many solo miles
I smile so many solo smiles
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