Walk on this world
And this shit will resolve in me
Killing all people alike
And we'd cover ourselves with brains
With brains
It pains
The way I see it
And pure semetric demise
I will find
In your own edge
Accompny me, my edge

Needless to say I was dead to begin with
I can't belive I'd be saved...
It takes needles & needles & nothing can't take that cold fear from my eyes...
I know I'm better off.

Want to be alarmed
At every time you take swing
At this colourful sin,
Full of lies -
You will find
All this hate
To reside deep inside in my pride

Took so much - It's over
We can touch bases at last
I whitness all this shit from levetation
Damned fuckers crucify me
Just for I fucking display all your other fucks invisible wounds?
Look through my eyes & I'll be
T! Oo much for you to sieze & you could die for a touch
And sub_sonic deafning noise will slice through your ears
And redeem what is mine
For this one time - I'd do it again, if I could
Don't forget it is my type which keeps your kind sane
Could'nt shield my eyes from this shattering rain
& now I don't feel awake while I'm running away from the pain...
& now I can't sleep while I'm cleaning myself of the puss...
& needless to say I was.
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Tin Lyrics

Betzefer – Tin Lyrics