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Baby Sitter Lyrics

Betty Wright – Baby Sitter Lyrics

When my best friend said
She had lost her man
To her babysitter
I thought she was lying
I said no sixteen year old schoolgirl
Could ever take a man of mine

Staying home with our baby all the time
It kept me kind of broken hearted
So I went and hired myself a babysitter
And that's when my trouble all started

This sixteen year old chick walked in
With a skirt up to her waist
She had a truckload of you know what
And all of it in place

I should have been aware
Mmm hmm, ooh, ooh
Of the babysitter
Oh, yeah, yeah
I should have known
From the jump, yeah
She was a man getter

I should have been aware, uh huh
Of the babysitter, aah
I should have known from the jump, yeah
She was a man getter, yes, she was

When I found out exactly what was going on
There wasn't much that I could do
The babysitter had his heart and soul
And all of his money too

You know, I should have been aware
Ooh, ooh, of the babysitter, hoo
I should have known from the jump, yeah
She was a man getter, yes, she was

So, girls, if you want your man
And no one else
Buy yourself some sizzle pants
And babysit your very own self

Beware, girls
You better beware
Of the babysitter, yeah

Rock, rock, rock your baby
Rock, rock, rock your baby...
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