Got a fever
I been on the run
I’ve had a need yeah
Far too long
Want a new kick
Not a new drug
Want that taste baby
Oh I can’t get enough
Hunger oh my insides
So round go round
I long to be alright
All my oh nights if so long
All right hunger pain
Here it comes again
Got I need ya
I’ve been alone
Wanna eat you up
Gnaw you down to the bone
Gonna drink you
Till you’re totally dry
Here’s a craving honey
I can’t deny
Hunger survives
A night take a time to go right
I’m shaking over
Our love high love
I bet on your number to ride pain
Here it comes again
That’s why I can get low
While I swing high
A jelly roll with cherry pie
I got it got it got it
Doing alright gonna make you
Feel the hunger surround oh my
I bet on a hundred
All right all rights
That’s how I need you feel right again
Fall away again
I got your meat oh man
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Hunger Pants Lyrics

Betty Moon – Hunger Pants Lyrics