Tweee- eeellve red roses. (horns) Tweee- (do, do, da-doo...)
Eeellve red roses (do, do, da-doo... ooh! )

Heart aches, misery, it’s about to get the best of me

12 red roses don’t mean a thing, I’m gonna throw ‘em away one by
One & left standing in the rain

(One) this One reminds me the day I met you all the lives & loves &
Assembled affections

(Two) representing the good times together

(Three) this one keeps on changing like the weather

(Four) Oh, that 4, that horrible Four, when you walked out that
Door. Di- vorce my divorcee @ Four o’clock in the morning, I sing, I
never see you no more (oooh! )

(Five) Five knocks a rappin’ on my door

(Six) Six steps I made it a- cross my floor

(Seveee-n) Seven Heaven & I’m back in your arms, en- thused by
The wonders of your many charms

(Eight) Eight days a week I’m sitting waiting for you

(Nine) Nine out of (Ten) ten times you didn’t come true

(‘leveee-n) Now, number Eleven brought tears to my eyes, you used
An e- leven page letter just to say goodbye

(Twelve) This one’s under the water, I can’t see it very clear.
Representing my future, (my future, my future! )

Tweee- eeellve red roses. (horns) Tweee- (do, do, da- doo...)
Eeellve red roses (do, do, da-doo... ooh! )
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Twelve Red Roses Lyrics

Betty Harris – Twelve Red Roses Lyrics