People on sidewalks
Engaging in small talk
And all I can think of
"Mustard on your chin"

And I can see that you're hiding
Your serious side and
I don't mean to pry
But I know the state you're in

This ain't no one off deal for me
Cause I know exactly what you need

The people on sidewalks
They don’t know what they talk about
I think it’s a write off
Pretending they’re a scene

And it’s the odious seasons
And all of the reasons
You get down to see them
See them on your knees

This ain’t no one off deal for me
'Coz I know exactly how you’re feeling

I’m pleasing you, I’m pleasing me
But don’t think I don’t know what I’m doing
I see in me what I see in you and every other fool
I’ll leave it entirely up to you
I’ll leave it entirely up to you
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1 Off Deal Lyrics

Bettie Serveert – 1 Off Deal Lyrics