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Voiceless Lyrics

Betrayal – Voiceless Lyrics

Cut my tongue out.
Take away the ability to voice my thoughts.
Nothing I say means a thing.
Waste of breathe, waste of time,
I'm just a waste of life.
I've given up,
I'm never changing.
Bottle up everything I ever had.

Swallow my words, hold them deep with in.
Emotionless. No expression.
Nothing but a fucking human.
A human without a voice.

Never again will I go ignored.
Pushed aside, I'm nothing.

Why am I the only one left speechless?
The only one left speechless.

Frustrated. Damaged. Beyond repair.
We're all worth nothing.

From the top of my lungs.
I'll scream your name. My voice will not go unheard.
I will be heard.

No more silence.
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