I can't fucking stand it:
The way you found me underground,
And, after throwing me the rope,
You turned around to strangle me with it.
But I'll never say it.
I'll never say it to your face.
Instead I'll write it into song,
Obscure it into metaphor.

That's just the way it goes
With passive aggressives and assholes:
You do me wrong and I just write.
It's so regrettable.
I throw the things that I want to say
Down the drain and flush it with my pride.
But we'll get over it.

I'll never get it:
The way you boil out all my blood
And all I do is grind my teeth,
Chew my fucking tongue in half.
If you can push it,
Even just one more measly inch,
You'll have my hanging by my neck,
Caught on every final word.


It always comes to me long after you've gone away.
What I'd give to be right back there on that day.
When self doubt is a crime,
Hesitation is the noose we're all hanging by.

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All Aboard The Succubus Lyrics

Bet Your Life – All Aboard The Succubus Lyrics