I'm erasing you from my life
So im giving you everything back
Eventually all the ink on these pages
Will get you out of my mind
You can lie to me
You can lie to everyone else
But you know you cant lie to yourself

So say goodbye to all the lonely nights
When you would hold onto me oh so tight
So say goodbye to all the memories
Because now you are nothing to me

I wish you could feel the pain
I hope you know what you've done
You and i know about the scars on your arms
They were all self-inflicted wounds
Emotionless thinking
I carried the burden
But when im in the ground
You will be gon for good

You are so messed up in the head
You dont know who you are
You make me laugh so hard
Because you've fallen so far
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Burn The Lies Lyrics

Beside Me – Burn The Lies Lyrics