The big cold city is
Such a lonely place to be
Hustle all day and dream
Of the islands and sea

Millions of girls but
None of them seem right for me
Till you came along and you
Touched me and set me free

So I slipped away last night
Eased on down to the Key
Flying so high we hitched a ride
On the Gulf Stream breeze

Living on love and fruits
From tropical trees
A song in our hearts and
Our eyes on the West Indies

It's just another day in paradise
Long the night and wait till the sunrise
Seeing that I love you look in your eyes
Just another day in paradise

A bottle of rum
Listen to the steel drum band
Laughing in the moonlight
Along the beach, we ran

Splashing naked in the sea
Making love upon the sand
Falling fast asleep like children
Hand in hand

[Repeat chorus]

I woke up this morning
With the sunlight in my eyes
Guess it's only a dream
I hear the city outside

But I look at you sleeping
And, honey, now I realize
That anywhere with you
Is paradise

[Repeat chorus 2x]
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Another Day In Paradise Lyrics

Bertie Higgins – Another Day In Paradise Lyrics