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My Serenade Lyrics

Berrykey – My Serenade Lyrics

It feels like I'm useless when I'm with you
Unselfish, no worries, less fatigue
When you are around
I feel light, I feel warm and I feel so worthy
My faith grows stronger, the blessing are getting larger
No ones going to make me better
Except you my heart holder

I used to be ungentle, unkind, rude, and cruel in this world I lived in
But you came and lift me to the top where you come from
In heaven I suppose
You came like an arrow struck to my chest
And carry my heart to where it could rest

My serenade for my angel
Who saved my soul from burning in hell
She made me real
She made me whole
She gave me love that is worth dying for

You light up the torch in the dark side of me
And let me live like I can never be
In this life I chose
I thought we can never be so close
Together we cry, laugh and make the best of what we have

Even my time is near
Please lend me your ear
Listen to my heartbeat
And hear your name in it
Coz even in its last beat
It is you it seeks

Take care of my heart
Because of that we can never be apart
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