Verse 1:
It's hard to believe it
Don't know how we ended
This love that we've built
Now it's in pieces

Verse 2:
Tears are falling
It's you that I'm missing
Why are we fighting
Baby let's stop this madness

Everyday and everynight
I remember how we loved each day.
You held me near
You promised me that you'll stay right here.

Please comeback to me
Your all that I need, your all that I wanted
2nd V: (I'm so sorry)
I'm sorry I set you free
Baby I know (yes I know, oh I know)
That we we're meant to be

Verse 2:
You took it all
But it's not what you're thinking
I'm just so devastated
Wish I make it through

Don't make it complicated
Let's continue what we dreamt of
Go back from the start
Don't throw it all away

Chorus 3x

Verse 4:
I'm always right here
Here by your side
I'm not saying goodbye
Please comeback to me
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Comeback Lyrics

Bernadette M. Tambis – Comeback Lyrics

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