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Built For This (Eminem Diss) Lyrics

Benzino – Built For This (Eminem Diss) Lyrics

You thought it was over?
You can't get rid of me..
I'm the arch nemesis..
And I'm not stopin..
Until I've acomplished what I've came here for..
Complete elimination.

Verse 1
It's bout to be the death of slim shady, a little over 2 years, he still can't face me, that shit you pulled on the tv was a slick move, you should have got Dave, cause now I'ma get you.
And I ain't even pressin up on a ya like I shoud beter double up on ya security, wish a nigga would.
Tryin to run up on the station, and I'll be waiting with fully automatics, blowin out your patients, you got a fuckin nerve takin me to trial.
Copyright infrigmit, you said it was a freestyle, and you lied about your age, you was 21, never ever make a move with an empty gun, I'll go to war, never fold, snipe you on the fifty yard line, why talkin this way? And why you walkin with Dre, it don't matter, catch you at a show, you ain't built for battle.

It was me..
That made you stop doin shows in the states
It was me..
That made you get pauly on a tape
It was me..
That made your uncle put the burner to his face

It was me..
That got your boy Proff servin miami
It was me..
That struck a nerve when I said fuck halie
It was me..
That ultimatly put an end to slim shady

Verse 2
Yo, Pauly tell me on the celly, you a light weight, Steve stuckits motherfucker cause he's the same way, your whole circles just a bunch of little bitches, tap dancin niggaz, weight liftin snitches, and I know I didn't hear you say you help my career out, you a puppet, sittin like a kid in Jimmy's lap, Makaveli rollin over in his grave, you fuckin up his music, the beats don't pay!
And where's your girl Kim, I needa get my dick sucked, I heard she like coke, she wanna get her face bucked, but I ain't freakin with no trailor park trash, I'll leave that shit to you Marshall Mathers..(Outkast)
What's the use of havin papers, if you hide it, I can see the source awards, but missin at the vibe it, how can you call yourself the number one rapper, xxl showin love to a cracka!


Verse 3
I heard on the radio, you said you wanna squash beef, it's kinda funny, to me this shit was never beef.
Portoreeko with the burner in hand, ran up on Green Lantern, he almost shit in his pants (Damn).
Raise the white flag, I'm chargin up the hill, nail in the coffin, I'm inpossible to kill, I'm your worst nightmare, the reeper in the flesh, it's a fight till the finish, a battle till the death.
Dressin like a woman to sell a few copies, this respectin Michael, Em you gettin sloppy, your albums atroshish, Jimmy's scared in double, fuck D12 cause there careers are in trouble, Angeles get your nuts up out your mouth, enoughs a dick rider, I'll lay these niggaz out, And everybody else who wanna try and hold ya, cause in all reality your the only toy soldier!

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