Left for dead
I can't forget it
I couldn't see the words spelled out in front of me
You pulled away
I didn't notice
Couldn't have given you a better reason to leave
Try and try
Exceed the limit
Accept the fact that there's things that I could do
Try to hold on to what's good, what's left inside of you
But tell me, what's the use?

Unlearn to satisfy
Your selfish point of view
Separate from the lies
Unlearn to need you

They say it never shows
You found a way to exorcise my ghost
I'd hate to see what you see
When your eyes are closed
I'd hate to know what you know
But I could drag the past into the light
and help you remember me.
The harsh truth was that you were never coming back again.
That took so long to see.
You'd tear your life apart for everything
You wanted everything
There's nothing left to take from me
I only wanted love
I only needed trust
You didn't give a fuck
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Unlearn Lyrics

Bent Life – Unlearn Lyrics

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