This motel's famous for it's highway view
Free bananas, hbo, an empty pool
Guess you could say I have it made
Wouldn't give it all away

This van's like a penthouse on four wheels
Except it shutters and it sputters and it squeals
There's a futon with my name on it
I just jump inside and get stoned as shit
And wake up when we're back in Baton Rouge

No matter where I go
Baby I ain't home yet 'til you open up that door
I can smell you, I can tell you
That I love you even more
Than the last time that I kissed you
It's been so long, girl, I've missed you
You're the only place I go when I go home

Life on the road can freeze my soul
I come back here to get warmed up before I go
Just like degrees, sometimes I'm high sometimes I'm low
But with her I'm in a bubble, staying out of trouble
Completely unaffected by the world

I know sometimes it seems like I'm just here and then I'm gone
Like a style or a smile or a song

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When I Go Home Lyrics

Benjy Davis Project – When I Go Home Lyrics