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Blind Following Lyrics

Benefit – Blind Following Lyrics

"Uh He...he is an enemy of our religious teachings."
"I want him...eliminated?"

Through out history, mans great mystery
From continent to continent
A recipe for hypocrisy
A multitude of killin
The worlds biggest villain
Continuously fed ignorance and blood spillin
Kill more people than AIDS
And more people than raid
In combat by troops with explosive hand grenades
Some people hold poisonous snakes in his name
Some people like to concentrate and self inflict pain
Emaculation brought on decapitation
Situations unbearable for human habitation
Devastation rain from nation to nation
A fool with a cause equals self-defecation
Blind to the facts when reality attacks
Just turn your back, mumble some words then relax
Proud of what you say? But you act a different way
Keep on judging others and your pain will go away
Raise your children wrong with deception strong
And they'll walk a crooked path difficult and long
To declare it and understand incoherent
Leaves a person the weakness despite transparent
Take a look around you not just in the front
Watch ya pockets real close and beware of a skun
All the dark secrets built up for a while
Can be hidden on Sunday with a suit and a smile

[Chorus] x2
"I believe what I say"
"That's quite obvious"
"They BELIEVE what he says"
"I believe what I say"
"BELIEVE what he says"
"And think of it, the people believe..."

In the past, nothing stood in it's path
Even women and children felt the wrath of the bloodbath
Believe what I believe or face death
If you disagree then you'll have no face left
That was a sentence; ultimate and it was repentant
Become a mortar and be buried in the trenches
The same tradition that's carried on today
But instead of blades swinging, bullets ricochet
Anti abortion advocates throw pipe bombs
While the ignorant gather to worship icons
No independent thought; sanctity bought
At the price of a life and they thankfully fought
Robots in the light, programmed to recite
Words that'll make the dark knight run in fright
This thing is very dangerous when in the wrong minds
And evidence finds that this shit easily blinds
In the human existince, take death for instance
The topic of discussion can shorten the distance
Be careful of the food you bite
And when digestin it, keep your own thoughts in sight
Puppets move by a common thread
Never taken the time to let thought in the head
Instead, eatin all the bullshit they fed
That's why nintey-percent of the world is mentally dead

Repeat Chorus
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