No gods or masters, where destiny lies
Underworld of Elysium exempt on my demise
Father leaders leech to your mind
In growling hunger repent
Obituary, engraved tombstone
Fiercely branded on the soul
Truth stands as one
Monolith stands alone
Roots in the path of the serpent
Lies a worthless throne
Gross theology twisted inside
Enthroning dark here instead
Stream of consciousness flowing out
Beget all faiths my crying doubt
Inside intriges me for your vision№s veiled
Monolith cracks, light has flown... Ha!
Your faith will fail!
Broken faiths - fade away
Twisted war - feeding on it№s twisted hate
Reach the end of the labyrinth
Where the nightmare№s sin
Start from this waking dream
Screaming in the wind
Never find eternity
Denied divinity...
The Path of the Serpent!
Never violate paradise
Or walk the darkened trail
Idolatry your misjudgement
Never ending tale
A never ending tale.
So be it!!!
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Path Of The Serpent Lyrics

Benediction – Path Of The Serpent Lyrics

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