As if everything would just please go away.
I didn't make you leave, I didn't make you stay.

I probably should have said something to you then.
I just didn't want things to get out of hand.
Part of me doesn't want you to understand.

I hated having to say things I didn't mean.
Killing time, and everything's not fine.
What would you ask of me now?

Feeling fine, are all these problems mine? Welcome to lowlife city.
Sinking like dead weight into the sea, I can't hold my breath much longer.
Your cover is blown.

I'm well aware you're fucked but I don't care,
You lowlife, you failure.

I will outlast you, I will outlive you.
And once again you embody failure.

Burying cities with your problems,
I couldn't care less. Get a life you fucking bum.
I know your heads a mess.

The worst part is that I didn't realize you
Where so worthless until it was too late.
The whole world hates you.
Killing time, waiting for you to die.
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Raised By Wolves Lyrics

Beneath The Surface – Raised By Wolves Lyrics

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